Daisy’s Dock – A Seriously Green Mocktail

a green drink in a clear glass with juicy condensation running down. All on a silver platter just for you, dahling.
Never enough green, never!

I don’t know if there are any books in the English language with more symbolism than The Great Gatsby, or maybe its just that I studied it one too many times. But when wracking my brain for a green-related name for this mocktail I remembered the green light “on all night” at the end of Daisy’s dock. The one that Gatsby stretches his trembling arms toward if I recall correctly.

At any rate this is a super delish and refreshing mocktail for hot summer days, and having had one, you will no doubt stretch your trembling arms toward more (more! always more!). OK, I’ll stop now. But seriously, good drink.

Daisy’s Dock – the Recipe

  • 2 tsp sugar
  • 5- 10 fresh mint leaves
  • 4 oz Some Serious Green (fennel – celery) Shrub (recipe)
  • 6 oz fresh cucumber juice
  • soda or sparkling water
  • juice of half a lime

Muddle the mint and sugar in the bottom of a small pitcher or shaker.

Add the Shrub and the cucumber and lime juices.

Pour over ice into 2 glasses, top with soda.

(Ooh remember the glasses in the Great Gatsby?)